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This offer is available to all staff in Fire, Police,NHS & Armed Service personnel - currently serving or retired. Silver Clouds funeral plans start from £2,250 for their direct cremation while their most popular traditional plan is £3,575 - these prices are before the £200 discount.

Instalment plans are available and are interest free up to 3 years.

Pets - who'll look after them when when you're gone?

Who Will Look After Your Pets When You Die? 

According to a YouGov survey, nearly two thirds of  British adults do not have a will, never mind about thinking  what would happen to their beloved cat or dog on their demise. However, making arrangements so someone can look after your pet after you’ve gone is worth considering.

Giving your pet to a friend or family member

If you know someone who would give your pet a good home, it’s definitely worth asking them if they’d take them on after you die.


Things to consider include:


– Making sure they’re happy to take on your pet(s). It sounds obvious but the conversation must include whether or not they’re happy to take a different pet/additional pets if your situation changes before you die.


You can’t put anything in your will demanding that the person you leave your pet to looks after them, which is why it’s so important to have a conversation with them before you write your will.


Remember the pet you have now may not be the pet you have when you die so try not to be specific by naming your pet.


Have a Plan B. Contact a second person in case your first choice falls ill or even dies before you.


Leave money for your pet’s upkeep. Legally, you can’t leave money to your pets as they’re classed  as chattels (personal property) under the law. Instead you have to leave the money directly to the friend who’ll take on the role of looking after your pet when you die.


You can leave a pet to someone else in a letter of wishes, but you can’t leave money to them this way. If your will has already been drawn up, you have to add a codicil (which amends an existing will) setting out who should inherit the money, what it’s for and how much.


Work out how much your pet costs each year and leave enough for a good few years. Don’t forget to add in the cost of pet insurance to pay vets’ bills.


Leaving a pet to a charity

If you don’t know anyone who would be willing to look after your pet you can leave it to a charity. Several charities will take pets left to them in a will. Make sure you include details of any arrangements in your will (and tell friends in case they can’t find yours or better still get your will professionally stored).


If you want help and advice in providing for your pets on your death please get in touch.


Making a will is one of the most responsible things you can do and to celebrate this we are offering wills for £50 until 28/02/2018.

Terms & Conditions: 
£50 is for one standard will
If additional trusts are required this will be charged at relevant rate
Instructions will be taken at AMIFA Limited office in Porth.
Home appointments may be charged depending upon location.