Are All Funeral Plans The Same? 

FREE Will or £50 M&S giftcard with all plans

You'd think that a funeral plan is just that; a plan that pays for your funeral, however, after extensive research AMIFA has found that they are not. If the right plan is not chosen at outset your estate may have to pick up an extra cost at the time of your death and even a sub standard service.

Most people want to have their choice of funeral director, maybe because they have been used by the family over the years. Not all funeral plans guarantee this.

Secondly, most funeral plans are costed up with a cremation as the main choice for the funeral and they set aside an amount to go towards the funeral. Depending upon where you live this may not be enough if you wish to be buried and your estate will be called upon at the time of need to make up the difference.

If you are considering taking out a pre-paid funeral plan get in touch to discuss your options now. 

For every funeral plan taken out you have the choice of a FREE will or a £50 M&S gift card.


Complete Estate Planning Solution

For a limited time AMIFA Limited Financial and Legal Services are offering wills for £50 and an unprecedented offer on Lasting Powers of Attorney.

We are offering a full set of LPA's (Property & Finance and Health & Welfare) for £350 plus the Office of Public Guardian fee of £82 per LPA. If your income is less than £12,000 p.a. then its £41 or free if on certain benefits.

Claim an extra £100 off if you are an existing AMIFA Limited client.

Local solicitors are charging up to £450 plus VAT plus OPG fees so it's a considerable saving.

Don't delay and act today by contacting us to arrange your wills and LPA's today.

If you're thinking of writing your will (or re-writing it) now is the perfect time to do it as AMIFA is offering wills for just £50 for a limited time! If you are married or have a partner we can do a pair of mirror wills  for just £100.

This offer is valid until 31st December 2017 and applies to appointments at our office or telephone consultations.

Price and discount applies to standard wills only. Additional work for trusts etc will be chargeable in addition.

All wills are prepared and drafted by members of Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) so you can be assured of the most up to date and legal will.

AMIFA Limited is a representative of The Right Will and Estate Planning Ltd.


Are You a Company Director With Life Cover?

Are you currently paying for personal life cover? If the answer is yes, the chances are you'll be paying for it out of post taxed income.This no longer needs to be the case. With a Relevant Life Plan, you can now place the cost of life insurance through your company as a legitimate expense.

You'll benefit from 20% corporation tax relief on the premium and there is no P11D benefit alteration. Directors like yourself can now save 100% of your personal life insurance premium by placing this on company expenses. Make sure your company, shareholders and your family are protected in a tax efficient way.

If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Lasting Power of Attorney and Joint Bank Accounts

There has been much debate recently about whether or not a Power of Attorney is relevant where people own joint bank accounts. There is a general misconception that when one party loses capacity the party who still has capacity can still access the funds.


The British Bankers' Association guidance states that when dealing with a joint bank account where one party has lost capacity the bank can decide whether to temporarily restrict the account, unless or until there is Power of Attorney or deputyship in place.

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Claiming Mortgage Interest Relief on Let Properties - Are You Doing It Right?

Many accountants and landlords I have come across over the years mistakenly believe that any capital they raise by remortgaging their let properties must be spent on the let property in order to offset the interest against their letting income.

This simply isn't the case! 

HMRC guidance states 'If you increase your mortgage loan on your buy-to-let property you can also treat interest on the additional loan as a revenue expense but only up to the capital value of the property when it was brought into your letting business. Interest on any additional borrowing above the capital value of the property when it was brought into your letting business is not tax deductible.'

For example, You purchased a buy-to-let property for £120,000 with a mortgage of £90,000 and let it to a tenant straight away.

3 years later the property is valued at £150,000 and you increase your mortgage on the property to £115,000. All of the interest on the mortgage can still be claimed as a revenue expense as the loan doesn’t exceed the initial £120,000 value of the property when it was introduced to your letting business.

If you increased the mortgage to £125,000, the interest payable on the additional £5,000 is not tax deductible and cannot be claimed as a revenue expense.

The capital raised can be used for any legitimate purpose even if unconnected to the letting business, for example, to pay off some or all the mortgage on your residential home or purchase a car.

If you have a portfolio of mortgaged buy to let properties you could remortgage raising small amounts from each to provide a substantial amount for personal expenditure or additional properties, all helped by the tax man!

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Funeral Plan Prices Dropping!

There seems to be a price war on at the moment with a number of top funeral plan providers dropping their prices by up to £350 but don't delay as it's only until 1st April.

We can now offer funeral plans starting from only £2,050 but our most popular plans with one family limousine starts at £3,375. This can paid in one go or via installments. Get in touch for a personalised quote.

Don't forget all our plans come with a free standard will or £50 cashback.

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