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17 Oct 2016

Ashes to Ashes......David Bowie was cremated without a funeral or any family and friends present. The iconic singer told his loved ones he wanted to “go without any fuss” and not have a funeral service or public memorial.

Many people are considering this option now. This is the simplest of all funerals and meets the needs of a growing number of people who want a respectful direct cremation arranged without any fuss and leaving them free to say farewell how, where and when is right for them.

AMIFA Limited can now offer this service having researched the market and identifying a top funeral plan provider for this service. 

Who chooses this type of funeral?

  • People who firmly believe that a funeral should be a simple physical disposal
  • Families for whom a separate Memorial Service is more important and appropriate
  • Individuals who have no close family
  • Relatives who face big challenges in coming together for a funeral ceremony
  • Those who just want a cremation without a funeral service
  • Those looking for a no fuss funeral
  • Families searching for the cheapest funeral

If you are considering this type of funeral it is important to discuss your plans with your family to let them know your wishes.

As 'cremation only' doesn't include any ceremony at all we would be happy to help your family find a meaningful way to say goodbye and suggest different ways to remember you.

The cost of a 'direct cremation' funeral is £1,745 and can be paid in full or installments over 12-60 months.

If you would like to discuss it please get in touch with us on 01443 684007

21 Sep 2016

Are You Claiming The Marriage Allowance?

HMRC say that up to 4 million people are not claiming the Marriage Allowance which was introduced in the 2015/2016 tax year. It's worth £220 in this tax year 2016/2017 and £212 for last tax year. It can be backdated so if you qualify and claim  that could be an extra £432 in your back pocket - maybe a nice anniversary break somewhere?

If you are married and one of you are not earning enough to use your full tax allowance (£11,000 in this tax year 2016/2017) then any unused allowance up to £1,100 of your allowance can be transferred to your husband, wife or civil partner.

Click this link for further details from HMRC on how to claim.

19 Sep 2016

Funeral costs soar by 10 times the increase in the cost of living in a year – forcing families to cut corners on their loved ones’ send off

SunLife’s annual Cost of Dying research shows that the cost of dying is the fastest rising of any fixed cost in the UK – rising much faster than any cost of living such as rent, food, utilities, insurance or clothing.

The overall cost of dying which includes death-related costs such as probate, headstones and flowers in addition to the basic cost of a funeral - has risen by 8.3% to £8,802.

The funeral - which makes up 44% of the cost of dying - has soared by 5.5% in a single year. The average funeral in the UK now costs £3,897 which is more than double what it was when SunLife first started tracking funeral prices in 2004

This year, more than three in five (62%) put at least some money aside compared to 59% last year and just over half (54%) in 2009.

And while this is definitely encouraging, it still means that 38% are still making no provision to pay for their own funeral. Of those that do make some provision, one in five are not leaving enough to cover the full cost, up from one in six last year.

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